Our Team

Our team is comprised of PhD level scientists trained in the USA and Europe. We are a cross platform multidisciplinary team with complimentary skill sets.

Digital Pathology

Digital Pathology is revolutionizing the field of pathology by using computer vision techniques we are able to analyze whole slide scanned images and annotate for specific features.

Big Data Analytics on the cloud

Cancer Genomics data is truly a BIG DATA and we use cutting edge bioinformatics tool deployed on the cloud to analyze the next generation sequencing data

Bioinformatics Pipeline

Raw genomics data is processed through multiple steps by our custom developed bioinformatics pipeline

Customized Solutions

We offer custom development for research scientists working on latest NGS technologies and we will support you in the data analysis for preparing publication quality outputs.

Our Capabilities

We have a fully functioning cell culture facility and molecular biology setup. We are currently setting up a full featured microfluidics workstation for lab-on-a-chip prototyping. We use 3D printing for rapid prototyping. Soon we will have a 3D Bioprinting setup for organ-on-a-chip product development. We have access to tumor tissue biobank from Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. We can procure all types of cancer tissue samples with ethics committee approvals. Please feel free to contact us for your cancer research requirements.

  • lab-on-a-chip 80% 80%
  • cancer genomics 60% 60%
  • digital pathology 50% 50%
  • organ-on-a-chip 30% 30%
  • 3D Bioprinting 15% 15%